Dedicated IP for Emails (System emails and marketing)

I’ve encountered an issue where password reset emails were not being sent because the IP from the email service provider we used was tagged as spam. We have over 300k users that we send weekly digest emails to and even with ip warming, sometimes, these spam issues arise. And thats fine. However, in those cases, our password reset emails are also not being sent.

Does Discourse have the ability to send password reset emails separately from daily digest emails using dedicated IPs? I see the email config in the admin section. I’m wondering, is this both for digest emails and password resets? How do I go about separating these two email types so as to not have issues with password reset emails?

Someone created a plugin for this purpose. I don’t know if it still works. I wasn’t able to find it quickly, so you’ll need to DIY song searching.


Maybe you were searching for

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I actually just saw this about 20 mins ago! Thank you though!

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Found it. Thanks @pfaffman

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Tried this and it no longer works. I get error 127 on email delivery.

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