Emails are skipped, not being sent

(Noamoss) #1

I just installed new Discourse (1.7.0 Beta 2 + 8)
For unknown reason I keep getting “[Sender] 501 Syntax error on the mail logs.”

Already checked the following:

  • Host name was declared as domain, not using IP.
  • separate separate services for posting (pop3) and delivering.
  • I am using Hebrew locale, but same issue also when I tried to swtich to English.

Notification email address was defined as noreply@discourse.my_subdomain, and did not work also when I tried info@discourse.mydomain.

Any idea?

(Noamoss) #5

I am using ‘’, but I could not make it work also when I tried just using ‘’.

Maybe something related to my definitions?

(Noamoss) #7

The problem disappeared after reinstalling. After reconfiguring my guess is that I might have entered an Hebrew email site title in the admin/site_settings/category/email.

Should consider it when you see “[Sender] 501 Syntax error” in the future.