Emails - can I send to all or groups?

I’d like to understand the email options to members.

We are a new community and I am sending lots of private messages to help build engagement. It is working but now I would like to assign members to different groups and send them group emails and send an email to all members that are registered to celebrate certain milestones.

I’ve looked all over and I can’t find anything to help but maybe I am using the wrong terminology. Please let me know how I could do this and in time, perhaps set some rules so these could be automated.

Also, where does it say what is set up in the different trust levels?

Sorry if all this exists somewhere but I couldn’t find it easily.

Thanks :blush:

See Configure custom group Access and Visibility

This sounds a lot like too many messages, but I guess if it works for you then :man_shrugging:

To send group messages read through:

And so, you’d need to adjust the settings for the group to allow messaging:

While to email all users, best bet would be to export your user emails and use a platform like Mailchimp to email them all. Also, messaging TL0 users should also work here, but use group messaging sparingly as you could end up being flagged for spam.

Not sure I understand what you mean here, but Understanding Discourse Trust Levels gives a good read on Trust Levels, and you can also go through the Trust Level section of your admin settings to see the specific details. You’ll find the site settings here /admin/site_settings/category/trust.


thanks for all of this. I’ll have a go and come back. thanks

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Thanks so much for all of this @osioke It has helped me understand the @mentions, group notifications and think we might go down the mail chimp for emails route.

Just wanted to ask more about the notifications.

Can you notify all members about one particular post?

We have a weekly community highlights post and we would like to push notifications to all members so they get an email alert.

We think only inactive members get notified but we didn’t know if we promote t to watch for all members or something like that.

Any help on providing regular notifications to all members would be great or to better understand the automatic prompts like newsletters or chat bot messages would be helpful too.

Thanks for all your help. :blush:

The same suggestions for messaging a group apply to mentions too, read the post I quoted and linked to for details.