Emails reply shows date, emails and «wrote» from gmail

If you reply using email, gmail add

El 2/7/2015 3:11 p. m., “MiguelAngelLV” escribió:

The format is: datetime, nick of last user, email address that send the email, and “wrote” o “escribió” in spanish, and this message is show in the reply, example

I know that “this is not a bug of Discourse”, but gmail is a popular email.

Would be added a regular expression or something to remove the message?


I think this has to do with localization. Not sure if GitHub, where we got the email library from, deals with localized string detection in email.

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Any idea? In the last version the problem persists.

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Any plugin to “remove” a line with a regular expression?

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Submit a PR to add another alternation here:


神楽坂玲奈 zh99998@gmail.com于2016年1月9日周六 上午11:58写道:

/.+ .+@\w+.+于\d+.+\d+写道:/

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This has been fixed by our latest improvements regarding our email in support.