Problem with displaying personal messages in Dark


my users are experiencing problems with pm’s when using the
Dark theme. The text of the sender is invisible. It looks like the text and background are both in black in these text areas.
The theme is using the color palette Simple Dark, which I believe is the original one. No changes were made to this.

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Could you show any screenshot please?

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Text visible while drafting

Text not visible after posting

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Sorry, probably this is related to browser. In Firefox it looks ok.
My site has some customizations but they are not related to dark mode in embedded theme.

WCAG dark

Simple dark

Hmm I just tried Firefox but alas same result.

I think you may have accidentally marked a Solution to this topic. You may want to untick it if you’re still looking for answers. :slightly_smiling_face:

How is your dark theme set up? Do you use the auto-dark feature that picks up on a browser’s light/dark setting, or do you have a seperate dark theme? Do you have any other theme components that could be interfering? (ie. does it still occur in safe mode?)

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How do you enable or disable the auto dark?

There’s the default dark mode color scheme id in the admin settings. It defaults to ‘none’, and I’ve put the ‘Dark’ palette in for mine:

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Thanks for your reply.

I didn’t mean to have this marked as solution but I can’t untick it.
It’s not the auto dark feature, I use the theme called Dark. Safe mode gives the same result.

I can’t seem to replicate. In the Dark colour palette, what colour do you have set for ‘primary’? And is that correctly showing as the colour of the text in a public topic when using your dark theme?

Hello, It seems to you use some custom css because there is a problem with the post width too. I would register to your forum to check what is happening. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha. I was so focused on the colour I completely missed that. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice spot. :+1:

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Yes post width is off too. This is what I’ve got:

It’s only when you select your text that is becomes visible:

Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 16.43.15

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Hmmm. :thinking: No custom CSS/HTML edits, and all the colours seem fine.

What theme components are attached to the dark theme?

(I’ve tried signing up, but I need moderator approval :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Well quite a few, but no additions or deletions in the last months:

Admin Warnings, Auto linkify words, Compact Member List, Custom Header Links, discourse-image-annotator, Discourse Tab Bar, Hamburger Theme Selector, Personal Message Bubbles, Scrollable post content

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Could you try disabling Personal Message Bubbles? (and refreshing your page)

That function was moved into core a little while back, and I believe that theme component now causes a conflict.


Good question, just for fun I removed all components on the theme on my test site and lo and behold I can read my text… guess I’m going to have to find the culprit among the bunch.
Sorry, I should have tried eliminating them first :weary:


Yes THANK YOU. You saved me a lot of time.