WP Discourse not displaying on WP self hosted site

Hi all
I’ve got a very vanilla Discourse site and I’m wanting it to display on my WP site.
I’m using WP Discourse, its connected but I cannot workout how to get the Discource showing on the site… to then test if I can post from my site…

I’ve interrogated all the documentation and nowjere does it say how to display on your WP site… any advice appreciated

Do you mean that you are trying to embed Discourse on your WordPress site? If so, this isn’t possible. The plugin allows you to publish posts from WordPress to Discourse and display a selection of Discourse comments on WordPress. Users will need to go to your Discourse site to create comments.

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That would explain why then!

So give then my link and let them get started… I see wasn’t what I wanted but there you go :slight_smile:

You can show embedded post by using a widget in WP… if so… but to comment you have to do as @Simon_Cossar says…

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How? as I’, trying to add a widget and no options showing… sorry this seems a minefield in itself

You could create a html widget and use this function:


I use my own coded solution at http://studmed.dk

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