Embed .txt / .csv file to a post

Hello! I wonder if it’s possible to embed a .txt or a .csv file to a topic and make the content of the file viewable to visitors?

E.x.: I insert to the topic a tag like [file:https://site.com/file.txt]
And visitors will see the content of the file in an HTML format.

I don’t think this exists for CSV and TXT yet, but would be happy to be corrected and would also appreciate such a feature.

At the very least there exists a nice Theme Component for Embedded PDFs so if the txt information also suits such a format, then maybe use LaTeX or something similar to convert it to a pdf?

Alternatively, depending on the content of the files and your python skills, you could convert the contents into markdown, then use the Discourse api to create/update the topic automatically. Or maybe even just find a csv to markdown table converter?