Embed whole forum

Hi I need some help, I want to replace the old forum I have that I have embedded into the web UI of my application and a couple other domains, is there a way to embed onto my websites and only allow those domains for example?

Embedding is not a good idea, as Discourse was never built with it in mind.

We suggest adding matching designs between your main site and Discourse, using Single Sign on, adding Discourse widgets like Embedding a list of Discourse Topics in another site and so on.


Yeah I understand from another old post I read saying that but I would like to still try it anyways please

Not supported. If you need this, choose some other free open source tool

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How is it not supported? can’t I just allow same origin iframing and be done?

that is all I need

phpbb just a example (not the best example) has a simple tick box option for it and I am pretty sure most forums do.

We don’t build for it, test for it, etc… discussing/fixing “embed discourse in an iframe” related issues isn’t something we want to spend time on.

The typical alternatives are: