Embed with just link to the Topic?

We’re successfully embedding the forum topics at the bottom of our pages, but on some of our pages we don’t want to include all of the comments and would prefer to just have a link to go directly to the Topic on Discourse, probably with the number of replies in the link text, as well.

I see the count.js script can be used to get the reply count, but it appears as though it can only be linked to a page which then embeds the topic.

Using existing functionality, is it possible to to just link to the topic page with the reply count instead of fully embedding the entire topic on the page?

AFAIK embed doesn’t happen unless the URL is on it’s own line. Is that workable?

vs. https://meta.discourse.org/t/the-end-of-clown-vomit-or-simplified-category-styles/24249/81?u=mittineague

@Mittineague I’m actually talking about embedding a topic on an external site (like a blog), not the url expansion features of Discourse.

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You mean the static iframe embedding? We might need some help with PRs in this area to add more functionality. I know one thing that has also been requested is associating embeds with specific categories on the site rather than globally.

That the static iframe embedding is what I’m referring to. There is also additional functionality for displaying counts on links to the pages which have an embed.