Embedded Tweets throw 403 when logged in via Twitter

I’m getting a weird 403 error for embedded tweets when I logged in via Twitter.

API keys set up correctly, the app is approved and login via Twitter is possible without problems.

When I log out or delete the Twitter cookie, the error disappears and the video loads fine.

Any suggestions?

I think this is being caused by Chrome rolling out changes to how samesite cookies are handled.

There is a topic on Twitter’s developer forum here:

Let’s try this one:


Although, I get this error during the sign in process. Did not notice at first, as I was okay logging in:


Nope, can’t see the video in your last post. Ok, so seem to be a more general and not specific error with my installation. Thanks @david


I just pushed an update which works around the problem. We will now render videos using the html native <video> element rather than an iframe:


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