Embedding Discourse site in Drupal site

I have a Drupal 8 site that I want to put a forum into. Discourse was recommended to use, and I was able to find a version of a Discourse D8 module and get it running in Drupal while running Discourse on a local Docker instance. I created a new subpage node and put the embed code for Discourse in, but all it says is “Start Discussion” and when I click it, it takes me to the Discourse site.

What I want is basically the entire Discourse forum embedded into my Drupal site without anyone having to leave. The ability to create topics, browse topics and respond all within my site. Is Discourse even what I want to use?

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I am not familiar with the Discourse D8 module, but this is exactly how I would expect it to work. Our WordPress plugin works in a similar way. It is not possible to fully embed Discourse in an iframe. Users will need to visit your Discourse site in order to interact with it.


I think that with some designer chops you should be able to get the two to look like they go together. For example https://www.sitepoint.com/ is WordPress and https://www.sitepoint.com/community/ is Discourse. The header navigation matches (at least to my developer eyes) and the two have links to each other. I imagine it might be difficult to get the layouts identical (eg. 2 col with no footer vs. 4 col with 2 col footer etc.) but I think achieving color palette and logo parity should be doable with CSS. There are some differences in function but IMHO a visitor would not have much of a problem knowing the two belonged together. — No embedding necessary.


This is the route I believe we’re going to go in. Try and use an SSO and then just style the separate Discourse instance to look like our site.

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