Embedding in Ghost blog

Hi there!,

Living a bit of a nightmare embedding Discourse here… I have my dockered Discourse installed alongside with my Ghost blog. Both working correctly, but I’m unable to embed comments in the blog. I have SSL for both sites and have followed and n-times-checked all of the common failure points. When a blog post is loaded I can see the “loading discussion” text embedded in my post, but the topic never gets created, nor any comments are loaded (obviously). The only error I see is on Chrome’s javascript console, about the target origin provided not matching the recipient window’s origin. I find no other errors in the logs of nginx, nor entering in the app and checking rails for errors.

I’ve followed all the posts I’ve found about embedding Discourse in Ghost, created the embedable host with my ghost domain name, sent the canonical url of the post in DiscourseEmbedURL… it look like it’s “almost” woring, but I never get a single topic created nor comments loaded… anyone can offer any help? I’d really appreciate it!



Hi Ivan,

I’ve encountered the same issue on my Ghost blog, did you ever find a solution to this?