Embending topic in 'another' website. And change redirect page after login

Hi, I’m building a react mapping application where the second half of the screen in a map where users can place pins with titles and the the first half of the screen is a topic in a forum related to that pin (with same title/same id).

I’m considering using discourse as a provider for the forum, since it is a very robust and resourceful implementation, and it has an API for creating topics that I can use in the app. It also is written in rails, so i can easly extend the Topic model to include geolocation and a icon field and the TopicController to implement a geojson api to return the nearby lonlat and icons to populate the map.

But i need the confirmation about some features that i couldn’t find on the documentation:

  • Can i embed a topic, in a way the topic post, comments and a widget to post a commend appear in a page? I see this is possible here, but i can’t seem to find a feature list or a print-screen of how this feature would render in another website.
  • Can i change the redirect page after a login? I’m planing on placing the forum on a /forum subpath, and /map for the react map where the / (root) page would redirect to.
  • Will the embed page validate the login if they are on the same domain?

I managed to load the embed topics locally, sadly the post body and reply button is not available, i’ll see if if i can find the hbs file that renders it and if i can easily modify it to include a reply box and the topic body

I managed to find the erb file that implements the posts and modified it so it show the topic post and title as well.

(file app/views/embed/comments.html.erb)

I also managed to override the login modal javascript to redirect path to be / always.

The only quick solution I couldn’t find is a comment box, I think I’ll make a simple one with react