Ember Object Discrepancy between Initial Page-Load and Hard-Refresh

On our site we’re generating a sidebar that will contain information about the topic such as posters, suggested discussions etc. An issue that I’ve noticed, at least for the attribute posters, is that upon initial page-load, it is present on the ember object. Upon hard-refreshing however, this attribute disappears and thus renders the sidebar rather pointless. Below are the screenshots of these instances.

Page-load Ember Object:

Hard-refresh Ember Object:

Would anyone be able to explain why this is occurring? Thanks

Most likely a discrepancy in the serializer/cache, first time around it is probably coming from the topic list. I bet that if you just have a link to a topic in a topic and visit via that it is empty as well.

Fixing this would add a query to topic serialization which is not super desired for information we never surface… open to allowing the plugin to opt-in for more information via the serializer.