Ember Observer changes between Components

Yooo you all!

I have been fighting against some points which I’m not getting scalable solutions.

GOAL: I’m using Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse, so I’m modifying class with Plugin API, and my main target is when the user trigger the ´emojiSelected´

emojiPicker.onclick = (e) => { ....

And, what I’m trying to do is to manipulate data between component so, the idea would be:

  • Emoji Picker selects an emoji
  • My component listens to data change
  • And according to changes, I apply a custom logic over data changed above component


  • I have tried with appEvents, I got the point of triggering inside another component, but my component in initial page is instanced around 20 times, and its scope loses in the way
  • And now I’m trying with a Ember.service
  • I know it’s around components states, like observers, computed properties, but I’m not getting solved.

Hope you guys can help me!

(Maybe, i will have to get sometime to give attention to Ember.js yoo)

Appreciate your help!
Best Regards,