Emoji box is out of view in group and profile page

if you go to your profile and you want to add some emoji in the about description, the emoji box opens far top, such that you can’t click on any emojis.

also as a group admin in the group page, when you want to add emoji in the about desc., the page seems to jump. and once again, no emoji box appears.

Hi @Pad_Pors,

happy to fix this, but I can’t repro, in LTR or RTL on group page or profile page:


thanks @joffreyjaffeux for the trial. I’ve checked this in Firefox and Chrome, and both behave the same.

I doubt if anyone can see the very slight gray line at the top of this page:

this appears when I click on the emoji icon (the smiling face) in the about. so I guess it should be the emoji box.

would you guide me to bring some more reliable data for you?

Tried on Firefox too and I also can’t repro. And I’m using the same theme than you. I don’t have much ideas so far, let’s wait a little bit to see if someone else has the issue.