Emojis are rendered outside the Emoji Box in Admin, Groups editor


I’m Running latest Discourse [v1.9.0.beta16 +71] at the time of writing and the Issue persists in the About Group Input box in New Group Page.
When the Emoji Button is clicked, it renders something like this:

Steps to repro:

EDIT: Issue is specific to firefox (latest)

in the Admin Panel, Go to Groups Section, Click on New and Then Try adding emoji to the About Group Section.

I assume this is caused after the New Composer was rolled out and emoji palette was modified to work with it.

What’s your browser please ? can’t reproduce on edge (windows) or chrome (osx)

Firefox (Latest) (Updated OP to clear it out)

I’ll try it on edge now!

Seems Specific to firefox. Can’t repro on Chrome (Windows 10) or Edge (Windows 10)

OK this is fixed in master, thanks.