Emoji in topic names 😛💜🍦

Turns out this a bug in Chrome not in Discourse. It works in Firefox and Safari

Relevant chrome bug

I see similar topics but I’m not sure this is the same thing.

I put real unicode emoji in the topic name (not funky discourse implemented emoji). They show in the list of topics but they don’t show up at the top of the topic itself. Is that the same bug as discourse emoji?

To be clear here’s the this topic on the front topic list

And here you can see at the top the emoji are missing


What browser / OS are you using?

Chrome on Windows 10 shows it like this. No color, but 2/3 of them are there.

Are you by any chance using some kind of browser extension that replaces the Unicode with images and doesn’t work in all places?

Interesting. I’m in Chrome on OSX. Checked. It’s a bug in Chrome, updated the top message. Will file bug with Chrome team.

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This is not a bug, its a long standing dupe planned feature request…

See top. It’s a bug in Chrome. It’s working fine in discourse.

Please read the linked topic, it solves this class of problems completely.

I don’t want discourse emoji and have that turned off in my discourse setup. But thanks.

You are going to have issues, many versions of Chrome/Firefox/IE implement different Emojis, some users will see blocks, some will see nothing. When people put a “smile” into post or title some people will see it, some not.