Emoji not showing up on 404 page not found

On our 404 page not found, I see that :mega doesn’t become the :mega: emoji (see first post).

The calendar emoji on the last post is rendering, but I didn’t use Discourse’s emoji chooser to get that particular emoji.


AFAIK it’s the same reason the markdown links weren’t parsed in the other report you made about the 404 page.

Not quite, I think this should go through the same rendering path for topic titles. Who was the last person to work on 404 page @sam?

I think @techAPJ did but not sure. I am not sure if we even have a server side function to “emojify” a bunch of text, we always do this on the client.

I would not mind getting this fixed but it is fiddly, @joffreyjaffeux can you think of an easy fix here?


I think that should do it:

The following topic title:
FREE to USA Discourse hoster :blush: :man:t2:

Would result in (both unicode and code replaced, and works with skin tones):


Will this be a perf issue? We need to confirm as 404 gets hit a lot, and systematically sometimes.


No this won’t, this page is cached in redis.

Also the lookup wont happen with filesystem, but using the Emoji list which is in memory (redis too).