Emoji picker and Rate limiting rules (Cloudflare)

Hi everyone,

I recently discovered that when I browse through Discourse’s emoji picker, my IP address is limited by Cloudflare’s Rate limiting rules feature. I guess it was because too many emoji images were loaded and it caused Cloudflare to temporarily block my IP address.

So I want to ask how to prevent users’ IP addresses from being blocked by Cloudflare when they browse through the emojis picker in Discourse? I posted a similar question in the Cloudflare community but it seems like they ignored me, so I hope to find some help here.


You should remove rate limit rules, or increase, for the static asset paths like /images, /uploads and so on.


Okay, I’ve figured out a way to exclude the path to the emojis folder, skip them, and your users won’t be blocked by Cloudflare rules anymore. Just create a new rule like the one in the image below.

Cloudflare Dashboard - Security - WAF - Create rule

Also thanks to @Falco!


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