Emoji picker should use entered text as search term

(Barry van Oudtshoorn) #1

When you partially enter an emoji’s name which includes a fairly common string – for example, :cross – there are often more results than can be displayed in the picklist. It’d be great if clicking “More” opened the picker with the text you’ve entered set as the search term. This way, you can easily find the one you’re chasing, even if you can only remember part of its name.

In other words (or rather, in pictures):


should open the picker pre-searched:


so that I can get to the green cross box.

(Aside: why are the emojis in the picklist in a different order from the picker itself?)

(Sam Saffron) #2

Agree @joffreyjaffeux can you add this to your list when you have a chance (not urgent but its a tiny and nice change)