Emojis get inserted in the wrong location

Steps to reproduce

  1. Write something in the editor (for example: test ) and then type :
  2. Choose “more…”
  3. Choose any of the emojis (for example: “smile”).

Expected behavior

smile: gets appended after the first :, resulting in test :smile:

Actual behavior

smile: gets appended at the beginning of the message, resulting in smile: test :


Oh … this could possibly related to the recent “textarea” history work @david?

Thanks for the repro steps @Nacho_Caballero … confirmed.


Any idea why my post appears edited even though there was no edit? I often see phantom edits like this :thinking:

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Oh sorry … that is me, I added an internal private priority medium tag to signal to the dev managers that I want to make sure that work starts within 30 days ;p

It is an interesting problem cause we probably want to hide the fact it was edited in cases like that except to the group that can see the edit.


Yup it was - sorry about that! Here’s a fix and a new test which would have caught this issue:


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