Emojis works in Discourse e-mails?

I see they are displayed as text ( : slightly_smiling_face : ).

Mabye we need to configure something to get they working?


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I may be wrong here, but different email providers sometimes use different emoji sets than the one used to send an email. In those cases, the emoji won’t appear - as you’ve shown above. One of the three web-based email clients I use all use different emoji sets and putting an emoji in a message to myself that will be read by one of the other clients do not appear. :frowning_face: Even within Discourse you can choose between several emoji sets.

I’ll do some more experimenting to see if I can find a work-around from the 3 providers I use, but I rather doubt if I’ll be successful. One can’t expect every email provider to use every emoji from every set from every emoji provider. On top of that, many emojis with the same name can have slightly different images from set to set.

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By the way, I think that :raising_hand_man: is an internal code of Discourse and not the Emoji by itself.

I tried to copy the Emoji from my keyboard in KDE or copying from any website and it don’t work too.

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I’m using the Apple/International set of emojis as set in /admin/site_settings/category/posting and it works whether I click on the emoji or type it in manually.

By copying from another website, you are copying the image, not the code to render it.
Manually typing <:raising_hand_man> automatically renders the emoji. :raising_hand_man:

You may find if you are using a different emoji set, this particular emoji may not be included. I haven’t checked through the list of available sets so it is quite possible it is in every set.

The problem you may be having may be in the KDE email software and/or browser you are using, not in Discourse. Copying an emoji from a website only copies the image, not the rendering code. Typing raising_hand_man (without the ticks) in your email should show the emoji once the email is posted in Discourse. Is it not?

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Of course but e-mails is going to user inbox, not to Discourse and I need the image there, not :raising_hand_man: in Discourse (code tag helps when we need to show code in raw) :wink:

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Okay, my misunderstanding. I thought you were taking about inbound emails to Discourse. Do emojis from other sources render in messages sent from another source? I have an email provider for a couple of domains that strips the incoming images themselves (to protect against spam). I’ll have to look back to see if the emoji name was left as a place holder.

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Yep, I see that SendPulse changes emojis for ASCII alternantives but I think that could be possible to use it as is.

Wanna do some research about it :v:

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At the moment I’m using that website to change emojis to HTML chars.

You can know what to search inspecting that emojis webpage.

It could be great to include an HTML parser in order to keep that emooji displayed in e-mails and Google searches.

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