Enable 'bulk topic selection' for category moderators

Category Moderator is very helpful and nicely done. Kudos for the work.

One feature which is missing is the bulk topic selector which enables bulk actions. It would help moderators in a big way.

(In case it is already existing and I am missing it, please indicate the settings to enable it)


This is a good idea! Esp on busy Discourse for Teams sites with many topics, or on sites where topics may be created automatically using integrations, it will be painful to not have access to bulk actions. :+1:


This is now available for TL4s, which may help a little:


@JammyDodger can this be re-assigned to a group besides TL4 by admins?

I’m just asking this out of curiosity, what would be a use case for this? What would be the need?

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If I understand this correctly @JammyDodger:

  • Create a group of users with intent for them to be Leaders (trust level 4 users) on a particular Category
  • Grant this group the ability to moderate the category (this works, thanks)
  • This group (being TL4s) should have the ability to do bulk-edit of topics in a that category (hamburger menu magically appears to the left of the word Topic on the top of the category) - well this does not work at the moment

Do we need to wait for the next update of Cloud Discourse?

On our gated data research forum, it would enable us to configure particular categories with a small group of Leaders (power-users) able to administer and moderate these categories with little or no involvement from the site Admins and/or Moderators. This would relieve Staff from these duties and let the communities interested in particular categories be more self-managing.


It looks like you were updated a couple of days before this went live, so you’ll get it on the next go round. :+1:

I’m afraid this one is baked in to TL4 rather than being group-enabled. There is some discussion on making this a category moderator ability without the need for a TL4 bump, but nothing has been decided on that yet.


From our forum POW we are very happy that Discourse is de-facto introducing a new category of (power) users, as we intend for our user community to be as self-managing as possible

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