Enable Email Verification to Prevent Spam

Hi there,

I’m new to being an admin for my company’s community forum. I’ve been asked to enable email verification to prevent users from being able to create a topic or reply to a topic. So, we want users to be able to access our forum without logging in/verifying their email, but we want to require users to verify their email before posting anything.

I’ve found a lot of discussions on here on how to disable email verification, but not how to enable it. I find the documentation on here very difficult for me to find what I need. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

Hello and welcome @lds5000 :slight_smile:

All accounts must verify their email before being allowed to log in to the forum and post, unless you’re using SSO in which case the verification is hopefully being done when the account is created there.

How do your users currently sign up to your forum?

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Oh :slight_smile:

Our users login with a simple login button, we don’t have SSO enabled.

In that case, they should be asked to verify their email when they sign up. :partying_face: Could you create a test user to check it out and see if the sign up flow is what you’re expecting?

Yes, thank you. Doing that right now :slight_smile:

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So, I just created a new user account, logged in, and created a post without having to verify my email address.

I’m wondering if there is something set in our admin settings that doesn’t require users to verify their email?

That is rather unusual. :thinking: Are you sure you haven’t got some SSO in place that’s not configured properly?

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I just logged back in with that new user account I mentioned creating above, and now it shows that I do not have permission to create new topics. But earlier, it did in fact, let me create a new topic (it just had to be approved by a moderator- me :slight_smile: )

I’m very confused.

It does sound like something is not set up quite right. It can be tricky taking over an existing forum as there are often bits and bobs that have been changed or added over the years that can take a while to track down.

If you have a standard login it should behave in a very similar way to how you signed up for an account here.

Do you have a forum URL you can share? (in a PM if you’d prefer not to share it publicly)


PM’ed you- thank you so much for your help!