Enable emoji shortcuts setting should allow escaping with backslashes

When the enable emoji shortcuts setting is enabled emoticons like :) get turned into actual emoji (:slight_smile:). However, this can’t be bypassed with a simple backslash before it (\:)). This is inconsistent with other things where escape works, and on Discord, you have a similar setting:

However it is not forced – if I want :-) raw I can just type a backslash before it, and I get what I want.

To bypass it you need to use something like a zero-width character in between, or wrap a letter in angle brackets in the middle since those don’t render, etc. i.e.

:<g>), :​)

which causes a bad ux for users who want a bit more freedom with how they write emoji.


This is not just shortcuts it is all emojis. I guess I am not against changing it so we stop emoji-ing if we have preceding \


\:thinking: has parity with \`thinking` and \*thinking*

:thinking: has parity with `thinking` and *thinking*

@techAPJ mind giving this a shot.


I made a post about this on the roblox dev-forum which uses discourse, and I agree, having to always use empty characters, or anything to NOT use an emoji is kind of annoying; Emojis usually make your post a bit more unprofessional, and sometimes you want a little :) but you don’t want a :slight_smile:

I hope this gets changed, (“I guess it woudn’t update since it’s open-source and everything;”)

Actually I found this topic because I just stumbled into this inquiry myself (tried to escape a smiley but alas, it turned into an emoji AND swallowed my escape character … the audacity, ahah)