Enable hidden setting to include S3 uploads in the backups

There is a hidden site setting to allow admins to include S3 uploads in the backups. To enable it, you’d set the SiteSetting at the Rails console like below

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

This change takes effect immediately. No further action is necessary.

Another way to accomplish this would be to add it to app.yml file in the env: section. To do that you would add it in the env: section (say, under DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME)


To have this change take effect, you need to run ./launcher rebuild app command to have that setting applied.


Isn’t it sufficient to destroy and restart the container?

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I think you don’t need to destroy and the restart is enough. I will confirm it later.

Anyway, thanks @pfaffman for your other howto guide which I used as a template for this one.

I’m certain you need to destroy and start to change the env variables applied to the container.

Of course, if they have done upgrades with docker manager, those will be lost when the container is destroyed, which is why the rebuild is the safest recommendation. Maybe it’s best to recommend the rebuild since it’s the most foolproof.

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