`enable local logins via email` not working

I am sure that there used to be a button on the login screen saying “with email” which would send an email containing a login link. It’s not appearing now. enable local logins and enable local logins via email are both ticked.

I noticed this today when on 2.9.0.beta1 but have just upgraded to 2.9.0.beta4 and it’s the same. Thanks.

I think it was a button some time ago, but it has been converted into a link that shows up when you enter a username or email address. Here’s a screenshot from Meta:


On mobile that link is visible even without the need to enter a username or email address.


Thank you for the quick response. You are right. I have moved this from #bug to #ux, which I hope makes sense.

It is quite convoluted now, though I guess the aim was to simplify things by presenting fewer options.

Maybe an alternative would be to include “email me a login link” as an option on the popup/modal after “I forgot my password”.

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Yes, that was the aim and I think it’s quite easy to use that feature: Enter your email or username and click the “Skip the password…” link. Done.

Why include it on the “I forgot my password” modal? That doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not about resetting your passwords, it’s an easy option for logging in via email.

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Yes it’s easy when you know how. I don’t understand the benefit of hiding it until something has been typed. The downside is someone might not type anything if he has forgotten his password, and so might not not see the feature.

Because I’ve only ever used that “easy option” (which is harder than using a password, but easier than resetting the password) when I’ve forgotten the password.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that highly dependent on how quickly you’re able to access your email?

You’re wrong :slight_smile: It’s definitely harder than using a password that you remember. Unless you have a ludicrous password!

It involves switching applications twice instead of not at all.

There’s never a guarantee the email will arrive quickly so there is always that element of doubt.

If you use more than one email account you have to remember which one.

It brings you to the forum on a browser instead of the Discourse Hub app.

What caused this topic in the first place, and the source of my only (minor) complaint here, is the fact that it is initially hidden on desktop. The mobile experience is fine.

I suggested the alternative as an alternative way of simplifying the options presented, instead of hiding the email login option. My preference would just be for it not to be hidden.

I would be curious to see is a “zero password” theme where it is local logins only and no option for a password (in signup or login). Whenever you want to log in you got to check your email. No password checkbox at all.

It is technically feasible to build.


That would be interesting. It could be combined with a suggested (or imposed) username to make it really easy to register and log in. Though, to be fair, once you’ve got over the hurdle of picking a username and password most people would find the current system easier in the long run.

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