How do i get the "with email" login option?

How do I allow login using email address like this?

Thank you.


Enable it in site settings, we plan to make it default on once we are sure it is 100% safe.


Thanks Jeff… I tried that but I must be blind because I cannot seem to figure out which setting to use.

I think we are sure it is safe, or at least as safe as “allowing people to reset password via email” is safe. We did review the code carefully. It does add “one more vector” of code that needs regular review, that is for sure.

The big open concern though is that it does not work right with the mobile apps so we can not really enable it by default until there is some sort of story and support for using the link with mobile apps.

Try enabling "enable local logins via email" and having at least one social login option.


Thanks Hawk! I Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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I would not have guessed that was a requirement.

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Yeah, it’s a trivial bug that we’ll fix.


This should fix it

However I didn’t merge it yet, because the previous behaviour was to show the “with email” link only when username was filled.

Which was ok before but is a little bit weird now (when you don’t have any social login):

I would be in favor of showing it all the time now, if you agree.


Ok I merged it after removing the hide/show behavior and adding a few tests.



The site setting

enable local logins via email

Allow users to request a one-click login link to be sent to them via email.

Is now on by default in Discourse 2.2 beta.