Enabling AI Bot in Chat

I see, so trying to zero in here there are … with a bit more technical details.

  1. @mentioning @gpt3.5-bot would select the first prioritized persona… that would usually be forum helper but you could change it.
  2. We would also supply context (lets say 1000 tokens of previous chat messages) so it would be lined up. (is this configurable or not? configurable by persona or not?)
  3. We clearly need to restrict the group of people who can @mention in chat, so we would need a site setting for it.
  4. We would need to think about auditability, an easy minimum here would be to ship a data explorer query.
  5. Given recent chat refactors, we can open “unlimited” new discussions with a bot, so we could design something there for sure.
  6. If we allow @mentioning in chat… why not also allow it in forum posts to the same group? different group.

Given all of this… my V0 suggestion would be:

  1. Add site setting ai_bot_chat_enabled_groups
  2. Hard code 1000 tokens of context for now - choose first prioritized persona
  3. Only do @mention support for V0


  1. Streaming and cancel support


  1. Add optional support for “Group DMs with ai bots”
  2. Ensure we also have a nice UI to find all this stuff and minimize overhead of doing this.


  1. Optionally allow personas to also stage a dedicated user with a dedicated avatar. Then you can interact with multiple bots in chat. In this mode persona would have a user/model selected as well.

  2. Also move some configuration to persona UI … which persona is enabled for chat?


  1. Think about limits - maximum token usage per day per user, stuff like that


  1. Think about also adding some of this into standard topics - (needs site setting, etc…) eg: @summary_bot summarize this topic up till now

Overall I like a lot of this, just need to figure out how we line this stuff into our roadmap.