Encoding of logo on bot certificate

There seems to me a problem with the current encoding of the forum logo on the discobot certificates.

As I have been having trouble with the discobot certificates, I had a glance at the svg that is being generated.

This jumped out:

    <text x="269.2915" y="240.94" text-anchor="middle" font-size="24" fill="#020403" font-family="Tangerine, Tangerine">
    &lt;g transform=&quot;translate(242.29149999999998 350)&quot;&gt;
  &lt;image height=&quot;55px&quot; width=&quot;55px&quot; xlink:href=&quot;data:image/png;base64,[LONG BLOB IN HERE]=&quot;/&gt;
  <g id="Layer_1-2" data-name="Layer 1">

That seemed encoded when it shouldn’t, so I converted the entities, and got the Discourse logo which was missing:

Here’s the current certificate:

And here’s the same svg but with (manually) fixed encoding:


The PR is ready with the fix and will get merged soon.