Discobot assets certificate.svg


i have try now the discobot and i have some problems with the basic assets in his massages he dont find the unicorn.png and the certificate.svg

maybe a bug?


What do you mean have tried? Discobot is integrated into every Discourse install by default.

Can you provide the URL to those images?

I have make the Tutorial.

Sure, <img class='discobot-certificate' src='http://manabase.de/discobot/certificate.svg?date=Jul+03+2017&user_id=33' width='650' height='464' alt='Urkunde'>

Can you check your logs for errors? I’m getting a 500 error for the image.

Here the Log, what is the best way to post logs here :slight_smile: ?

Live Server Live Server - Pastebin.com

I have done a fresh install on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS x64 and follow these guide both Servers was setup this way. I get the same Error. Fresh Install - Pastebin.com

There i test on the fresh install the Lightbox but it never runs by me. But i try first to find the error here.


Hmm I see the problem. The URL for your either your logo or user avatar is 404ing. This is a valid bug though, the certificate shouldn’t blow up even if one of the images is not valid.


:confused: sorry i dont understand.

How can i proof wicht url are 404ing?
I look on the Settings Logos
The logo url are: /uploads/default/original/2X/e/ecf8a75886efb8778524f99c2abf7196eec502e5.png
The small log url are: /uploads/default/original/2X/e/ecf8a75886efb8778524f99c2abf7196eec502e5.png

One thing that i have change was the size of the images. I have they uploaded in the Assets Topic in the Staff Categorie.

I dont know how i can do some false setting for the User Avatars.

Edit: Links direkt to the images

Fixed in


Thanks for reporting @Imperator


Thank for the fix!

It looks a little bit weird.

  1. In EN the text are center, at the translation not. I test it on German.
    new user
    advanced user

  2. I used the Dark Theme and the advanced user have a transparent background. Maybe it should be like the new user with a white background.



At minimum we should correct the cert bg here @tgxworld

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Fixed in


Not sure why exporting the SVG from Adobe drew a giant hole in the middle of the path element.