End-of-sentence is linkified when there are zero markdown linkify tlds

To reproduce, make the following two admin settings:

  • enable markdown linkify: true
  • markdown linkify tlds: none (that is, delete all TLDs that are set by default)

Then do a “Rebuild HTML” for any post that includes a full sentence, and note that the last word at the end of every sentence, and the following dot, is now linkified. Example:

Wait for the last word.

I am able to reproduce this, I’ll let our devs know.

In the meantime, please disable enable markdown linkify or add a TLD, to get around this. :laughing:


This kind of begs the question of “why”? I think the fix I support here is simply not allowing markdown linkify tlds to be empty.

Will put a #pr-welcome to add a validation here.


Alternatively, you could allow markdown linkify tlds to be empty, but treat that case internally with the same code used when enable markdown linkify: false has been set.

You’re raising a good point there :smile:

I was just experimenting how to get rid of the “convert URL to title of linked page” behavior. Later found it’s called Inline Onebox, and cannot be disabled for Discourse-internal links.

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I often want URLs to be readable past markdown converters, so I use brackets to do so.

So to link to this topic: https://meta.discourse.org/t/end-of-sentence-is-linkified-when-there-are-zero-markdown-linkify-tlds/248342?u=maiki

So to link to this topic: <https://meta.discourse.org/t/end-of-sentence-is-linkified-when-there-are-zero-markdown-linkify-tlds/248342?u=maiki>

Not sure how standard that is, but it works in all the markdown converters I use. :slight_smile: