Javascript errors and site half-broken if we add * in markdown_linkify_tlds setting

I understand this character is forbidden here, but we have no warning of any kind if we add it.

If you add * to markdown_linkify_tlds, there is no issue at first, but if you try to create a topic for example, even without starting to write you’ll have a bunch of javascript errors; the forum will be half-broken. You’ll be able to browse it but not create posts.

Tested on 2.9.0.beta2 4be0e86f1e

Suggestion: prevent the admin (or allow them? :person_shrugging: there are so much valid domain extensions nowadays…) of adding the * character in markdown_linkify_tlds site setting.


I can reproduce with 2.9.0.beta3 4d809e984d.

Attempting to publish a new topic returns a 500 error.

I agree, if I found a domain not linking correctly, adding * to the setting would be my first move. :slight_smile:


Thank you for bringing this up. I have added a validator to the site setting, and it will provide feedback in the case you add an invalid value!


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