Automatic link creation for non-tld

I am not sure if this has cropped up before. A cursory search in /c/bug didn’t turn anything up that looked related.

I love getting links automatically for URLs:, or, or

Is there a list for allowed TLD’s to auto-linkify? That is, if I use a file with an extension like markdown, it gets turned into a link also: (<- that is just typing a filename + extension, not an actual link I’ve created. :frowning:

Given ICANN’s predilection for stuffing the entire dictionary into the TLD space, it’s probably a losing proposition to try and whitelist actual TLDs (as an amusing note, .md is a valid ccTLD, for Moldova, so even if we did have a list of “valid” TLDs, is a perfectly valid domain name, and does, in fact, exist – and resolve).

For filenames, specifically, I suggest wrapping them in backticks, which maintains the long-standing convention of monospace fonts for that sort of thing, and which prevents auto-linkification, a la Trying to educate people to mark up their links in some specific way, such as wrapping them in angle brackets, or having to include the scheme, or including a forward slash, I think are all doomed to sadness.


Sounds perfectly reasonable. :slight_smile: I’ll do some community education on code-escaping filenames.

I am not sure how this is a bug report? moved it to #support

We intend to crack down here in a later release. per: Restrict domain name autolinking so M.Sc and B.Sc are not auto linked