Endless Spinner - Topic Not Found

Here on Meta, I clicked on a link for a topic that has apparently been removed ( https://meta.discourse.org/t/category-specific-moderators-phase-2/21897) - the Spinner keeps going round and round as if something is loading and it took me a moment or two to realize that the title said Topic Not Found. Perhaps this could be updated so that SOMETHING loads (maybe an image of some sort and a sentence like “Sorry this topic wasn’t found. Perhaps it has been removed or there is a typo in the address.”) to help indicate to users that the link is no good?


Hmm that does look like a bug @eviltrout – I can repro in this topic by attempting to click the above link in an incognito browser window. Can you take a look?

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Confirmed and fixed:


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Not fixed unless this wasn’t migrated to Meta yet. Also, users don’t have to be anonymous - happens to me when logged in as well.

I get the standard 404, and it’s basically instant.

Hmmm… I’m getting that now as well… maybe something was cached?

No, it takes 15-30 minutes for master to deploy to meta. You simply didn’t wait long enough.

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