Topics jumping to wrong post

A bunch of times recently here on meta, I’ve clicked a topic, it will flash to the correct first-unread post, but then go back to some post in the distant past. I then have to scroll back down to the bottom. There I see the correct "-- last visit – " line.

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else mention this or that it’s my imagination, but it just happened again, so I’m whining.


I think it’s similar to this one Discourse jumps back 20 posts in post history when navigating to new topic. I’ve been experiencing it again too. I think it could be when following a notification?

Unfortunately I don’t have a good repro. :frowning:


That seems like it. Sorry I didn’t search better. And it seemed to happen when I visited that topic.


It happends quite often, but still randomly. I’ve blaimed iPad and my fingers for that.


This time I’m on a Real Computer with a trackball and a big monitor. I think it’s real, but still have no idea how to predict when it will happen.

I’m seeing it often recently as well, but have no clear repro steps. It might be related to whispers and/or using browser back/forward navigation.


That might make sense if someone was whispering about old posts? But I can’t see whispers, so I have no data. At least I’m not crazy.

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On my forum I know for sure it is not whisper related.

Still there can be two different errors giving similar results:

  • an users who can’t control little finger and taps timeline accidentally
  • whispers acting weirdly

Hi @pfaffman,

Thank you for whining! I’ve been experiencing this on a self-hosted site and thought it was just me!

Could you (and others sharing this experience) tell me if either of the following is true:
(a) You have the Discourse ad plugin enabled (or installed) on your site
(b) You use an ad-blocker in your browser


It just happened to me here.

This I got:

This I shoud get:

Neither is true here. Well, I don’t use anykind ad-blocker with iPad/Hub so for me that part is un-true everywhere :smirk:

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Just making sure I understand the use of the word here, you do not have the ad plugin installed on your own forum?
(I ask, because it is still installed here, (on Meta) even though we’re not serving ads.)

Well, that changes the playground back to your suggestion. Yes, I have ad plugin installed on my own forum and it is enabled.

And to be more clearer: no, I don’t use anykind ad blogger anywhere.

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Would it be very disruptive to try disabling the ad plugin on your own forum?

In testing, I disabled it on mine, and even after re-enabling, the behavior hasn’t returned (yet). I’m wondering if disable/re-enable cleared a cache :thinking:.

Thanks for answering the part about the ad blocker! I had one installed on my browser and removed it, so I was wondering whether the ad blocker was a factor. Sounds like we can rule that out. (I know, only ever test one change at a time. :grimacing:)

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Not really. My circuit is so low traffic and I don’t show ads to TL2 and better, it actually doesn’t matter at all. I could stop showing ads totally, but for me it is matter of principal: users pay creating content or seeing ads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sliding towards off topic now, but the main point is my forum has only few long enough topics. And that is propably the reason why they are claming that issue happened earlier like last week, but not any more nowadays.

Well, we’ll see. The ad plugin is now disabled, but not uninstalled.

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The same thing has happened to me a few times… sporadically, irreproducibly, elusively.

Few moments ago.

This I got:

This I should get:

So if ads plugin is still offline here it can’t be the reason?

But, there can be one common thing - both cases I’ve screenshotted jumped to place where an user got welcome or long-time-no-see notification into topic. Does that mean we are back wondering whispers? Those are similar actions, aren’t those?

There is one small slim questionmark: I don’t show those on my forum.


It could still be coincidence, but the last few times it’s happened to me this has also been the case. I’ll keep my eye out too see if it continues to be a consistent thing.

Edit: Nope. The last one did not have one.


Hello :wave:

I think I’ve got a semi clear repro…

It seems it happens for me when the loader slider is in the still loading state with spinner shown when opening a topic.

Seems somehow it re-render the topic (maybe) when the cloaked-posts loads and those height added to it and jumps to the wrong place… not sure :thinking:


  1. Looking for a not too small topic with some unread replies.
  2. Set the browser network to Slow 3G (just to makes sure to show the spinner on loading)
  3. Open the topic



I love reading your posts @Don - I always learn something new or out of the box useful. Thank you for sharing your rich knowledge of how to do things. :slight_smile: