"endorsements"/trust between users; social network

I know Discourse has overall trust levels, but is there any feature (or plugin to add this feature) for users to endorse/trust each other?

The forum I’m planning on setting up, involves notification of real-world events, and there is some benefit if user A knows user B in real life, and user B knows user C in real life, for these users to “endorse” each other (sort of like the way it works on LinkedIn), so that if users A and C don’t know each other, they can see that B knows both of them.

The “friend” aspects of Facebook are a little loosey-goosey, but maybe there’s something appropriate for Discourse.

Sort of, if user A invites user B they will start at trust level 1 instead of trust level 0.

You can send invites from your user page.

(Those users are also permanently listed on your invite page, so… be careful who you invite ;))

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