Enforcing tagging

Is there an option to enforce the users to select tags in order to write a new post?
Currently, it is optional. However, we need this functionality.

You can require tags at the category level. Go to the category settings and find Minimum number of tags required in a topic. There is also an entire section for Tags in the category settings for more detailed rquirements.


Thanks for the comment!
However, it seems that there is no such option "minimum number of tags required in a topic" on our dashboard. Do we have to ask Discourse to enable the option?

Hello and welcome @TrueG :slight_smile:

You can find that particular option on the Settings tab:


Perfect! Thak you for the help :slight_smile:

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We had a look at this and we thought that it was a little counter-intuitive to have that one tag setting not on the Tags tab so have moved it over. :partying_face:

From now on you can find that setting here: :+1:

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