Enterprise Theming for Discourse

What would you like done?

I am considering using Discourse for our organization’s community platform. We are a global nonprofit with professional branding and a commitment to excellence. I am looking for an established design firm that specializes in Discourse installations. It would be helpful to see a portfolio of completed work and testimonials from clients. I would appreciate referrals and/or people letting me know that they or their organization does professional Discourse installation and theming.

When do you need it done?

Once the right firm is selected, we can agree on a timeline that fits your availability.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

I am accustomed to working through a design brief and receiving a quote from the designer/firm on the cost of implementing the design.

Hi @CarsonWeitnauer,

For Discourse installations and tech/admin/IT related things, I highly recommend to you @pfaffman. We’re his client and I can’t be more satisfied with everything how he’s been serving and helping us, his attitude, responsiveness, reliability, etc. He was recommended to me by a core Discourse team. Hope this helps. Klemen


Jay is brilliant but I’m not sure that he’s big on the design side of things (correct me if I’m wrong @pfaffman).

I’d recommend @joebuhlig for that.


What @HAWK said! And thanks, @klemenstruc!

Joe and I have fairly different skill sets and have worked together on several projects. If you want someone to make Discourse to work or import data from another forum, that’s what I do. If you want Discourse to look pretty (theming) or do something new (plugins), get @joebuhlig. If you need both, we work well together and frequently refer out the work we don’t want to the other.

Neither of us is likely to spend time putting together a portfolio of testimonials–we’re both too busy doing work to do that. :slight_smile: I now remember that I do have a testimonials page when I had someone (a client) do some tweaks on my site. There are a few products in my store with some stars, and those have reviews created by actual customers.


Hi @pfaffman, thank you! I will lurk/explore/ask some questions about Discourse for a bit. It helps to know that you and @joebuhlig are doing this work professionally if we decide to move in this direction.



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