Looking for a Theming/Design Expert

What would you like done?
Matching - as reasonably possible - the “look and feel” of a current site with a new Discourse site.

When do you need it done?
I’d like to identify someone to do this work as soon as practical, but won’t begin for another week or so likely.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
I’m happy to offer a rate consistent with experience and quality of work. I’d guess this will fall in the $40 to $70/hr range.

Other condidtions?
That you have specific experience with Discourse, as demonstrated by examples of work you’ve done, along with access to a reference or two from those you’ve worked with.


Hopefully casual readers noticed that the pay suggested is an Hourly rate of $40-70. Not an absolute number.


@ked, have you perhaps already found anyone for this? Asking because we need the same :slight_smile:


Negative… I would have hoped for more interest certainly. I’m thinking the answer is to go to a freelancer type site, and simply get someone with CSS and basic graphic design skills for the job (and let them learn their way around Discourse on the job. Certainly not that difficult. Should you find the right party, I"ll appreciate a ring back… and I"ll do the same.


Great. Will ring you back when we find a solution. Was thinking exact same thing. (We use Upwork.com to find & hire great freelancers. It’s a great platform.)

What is your current site?
I think that if you provide more informations you might have more luck here on Meta


Hi there, @ked!

  • Is the offer still standing?
  • Could you please provide the address or screenshot of the model website?

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