[PAID] Custom Discourse Theme Developed

What would you like done?

I’d like to hire someone to design and implement a new theme for our Discourse site. We use Discourse as part of an online community offering so while we’re not looking to embed Discourse in the other parts of the site, it needs to be consistent design-wise.

When do you need it done?

There’s no set timeline. We have Discourse running now with some basic branding.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Don’t have a set budget but happy to pay market rates. I presume that something like this would be at least in the four-figure range but happy to talk specifics / have my expectations reset if that’s not correct.

If you’re interested in this job, would love to see some examples of other themes you’ve created, especially if they are similar to what I’m describing above.



Hey @HunterHillegas,

I would love to work with you on a new theme. I’m part of a cooperative called Pavilion and we’ve done lots of theming work in the past. If you set up a consult with our project manager @Ellibereth (Eli) he can figure out the details and pricing with you. You can book in here: Calendly - Pavilion. Eli can also share some examples of recent work we’ve done with clients.


Hi @keegan thank you for the reply. I looked at the calendar to see about booking but all of the times were in the middle of the night for me (I am in California). Is there a way to book a consult during working hours in US Pacific Time?


Hey @HunterHillegas, you can alternatively book in with me here: Calendly - Angus McLeod

There will be more overlap :slight_smile:


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