I’m getting the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS after installing Discourse on my machine. I tried to delete and reinstall completly from 0, but the error stills appearing. Apache is working fine (I’ve just installed to test if it was an error of my machine), so IDK what is going wrong

Server details:

  • Hosting: ArubaCloud VPS
  • OS: CentOS 7.2
  • SSL: With Let’s Encrypt

Anyone can help?

If you installed Apache, you weren’t following these instructions.

Also, I think that getting docker configured under centos is tricky

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I just installed Apache to test if it was a general error of the VPS, and after testing it, I’ve deleted Apache


I installed D. on the smallest VPS on Ubuntu 16.04 and it’s running and upgrading fine.
I remember reading that CentOS and Docker don’t like being together.

Finally I make a hard reset of the VPS to delete everything and make the startup again, so I had a new VPS
Then I reinstalled Discourse and upload the backup
Finally it’s working fine

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i had the same issue. i had to pause website on cloudflare. Its working now.