Error 500 when attempting to install Reader Mode


Thx a lot but am I alone to have error 500 when installing Reader Mode via github deposit or “Install this theme component” button ?

It worked for me yesterday.

Could you check your Discourse instance’s /logs and look for the associated error?

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Ok. Does this tell you enough?

Can you try installing a different theme component from github as well? Does it work?

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I would maybe try installing again. It might have just been a glitch. The other day I was getting a 502 error on Discourse. It resolved though in about an hour later.

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@jordan-vidrine There is a problem installing this theme component on the stable branch because of an error in the .discourse-compatibility file. The mentioned commit a7aca0e8a009937e4166530af40f31636457431a does not exist in that repository.

This is an issue in other theme components as well Code search results · GitHub

and it happened because someone pinned the theme skeleton… DEV: Pin theme for Discourse < 3.3.0.beta1-dev (#18) · discourse/discourse-theme-skeleton@2848b62 · GitHub


Richard thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue has now been fixed in this PR → Revert "DEV: Pin theme for Discourse < 3.3.0.beta1-dev (#18)" by pmusaraj · Pull Request #20 · discourse/discourse-theme-skeleton · GitHub

I am also going to remove the compatibility file from my repo