Error after updating

hello i wanted to launch an update but now nothing works. I get its errors:

can someone enlighten me?
how modify this command: cd /var/www/discourse && su discourse -c 'bundle install --deployment --retry 3 --jobs 4 --verbose --without test development' ?
thanks a lot for your help

That is not an error it is a deprecated warning. Also IMHO it would be the purview of the Discourse development team. It is wise that you are thoroughly reading the output but the sky is not falling. :wink:

See: [DEPRECATED] The `--deployment` flag is deprecated

i have this

Now that is an error. :+1:

I don’t know the details of that one so can’t help on the specifics.

However when in doubt and nothing to lose two things that typically work.

./launcher rebuild app


Discourse doctor. Sorry don’t know the command off of the top of my head.


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I already did all this several times but still this error and the offline forum


My next guess would be bad plugins. For that I would edit app.yml and remove them. There is also safe mode but I am no expert on that.

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i will try this . thx :slight_smile:

Sorry if I seem obtuse. :slightly_frowning_face: Just trying to help but you have the knowledge about what you did and on this side it is a nebulous cloud; lots of details missing that are needed.

yes i think this comes from the plugin procourse install

In helping you, I came to an really nice to have feature which would be an option for launcher to either accept a parameter to skip all plugins, or if it fails then try again with no plugins and leave a message noting the plugins not installed. Obviously this can be thought about more and made better but the idea is there.


procourse plugin

yes very good . it’s good idea

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Have you overcome it? I had the same problem when updating the new version!
I also have this utility installed, after relaunching but still having errors.