Error An unexpected error occurred: " ETIMEDOUT"

I recently upgraded and found that this installation always failed, and finally found that there was a problem with the ssl security link certificate of this link, causing the link to not install, not a network issue


To find the solution, modify the yarn source in *.yml

    - exec:
        cd: $home
          - grep -rl "" . | tee ./find_cache.txt | xargs sed -i "s/" && cat ./find_cache.txt && rm ./find_cache.txt
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Did using the npm mirror work? Are you in China? There was a commit recently that had to do with using a different mirror automatically, but I think that was for github, not yarn.

I use it in China and have vpn link, I found that the ssl certificate of is not there, which should be the direct cause of access timeout. I am testing to adjust to an accelerated mirror source by using configuration instructions, it seems that it can be used. Such as the mirror source

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Find the solution and replace the accelerated yarn source

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