Forum giving 502 Bad Gateway Error

Hello Team Discourse,

We have been using discourse for our forum since years without facing many issues. But all of a sudden today when we are trying to visit our forum it is giving us 502 Bad Gateway Error Here is the screenshot for clear understanding.

Please help us in solving this issue

Thank You

First, try to reboot the system and see if it resolves the issue.
If it does not, check your disk space.

(Or you can do it the other way around).

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Hello Richard,

Thank you for your quick reply. We have tried the way which you mentioned and we also tried in different system but we are facing the same problem(502 Bad Gateway). What else we can do?

What does this mean?

So did you check your disk space?

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We also tried in different system(Which means when we are trying to visit our forum url on different Machines(Laptops)) it is giving the same issue.

When the forum is up and running without 502 Bad Gateway at that time posting the answer to the question is not working it is giving Internal Server error. For clear understanding below is the screenshot.

Thank You

It seems to be working now although it’s very slow.

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It’s working but we are not able to post the answer. Below is the log file error we are getting

How fast is the CPU? How much RAM? Are the disks SSD?

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