Error displaying the votes and banned from Infinite Flight Community

Greetings Everyone! I’m George Bry, an Infinite Flight Community member. I’m happy to be a member of this Discourse Meta :smiley:

This incident happened several times to me in Infinite Flight Community, Not all polls displaying this error but some does (For me), I’ll give you a Poll example :

So when I clicked the “Show Results” button, The Poll can’t differentiate “Southern California” and “Amsterdam, Netherlands” choices before an error message appear, it says “Sorry, there was an error in displaying the voters”. Then when I closed IFC tab and reopen the website, This message appear

I have to wait for several minutes to access Infinite Flight Community back. Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks for your co-operation.


It is a new bug with polls. @tgxworld is looking at it with @eviltrout.


Fixed in