Polls don't show correctly on replies

This video should explain my problem better.

When you click on the user that has replied, the poll shows as 0 votes


Thanks for reporting that. I can reproduce the issue on our sandbox site. If anyone gets a chance to look at this before the sandbox site is reset, the issue can be seen here: Testing poll voters count on expanded parent post - Demo.


The problem still exists. I’m taking care of this bug now.


Here is the fix for the problem:


@andrei thank you for your attention to this issue. On an instance I host, community members no longer have the option to build polls with the gear icon.

in the past, the build poll option UI functionality was accessed via this menu:
Screenshot from 2021-03-01 10-13-31

Do we know why this functionality is gone and what would be required to bring it back?

Edit: This might be unrelated to the changes. If so, I can write it up as another bug.

The reason could be that you have polls disabled or that polls are available only for users on certain trust levels.

Could you please go to admin/site_settings/category/plugins?filter=poll and make sure that polls are enabled and poll minimum trust level to create is set to the value you expect?


Thank you for your assistance. All those permissions were correct. I was able to narrow it down to a plugin we recently installed called DiscourseVideoUpload. We integrated it around the time you worked this bug, and I missed checking that first. It was a little while between the plugin install and user complaints.

I saw on this instance I can’t make polls either, so I posted. But I realize now that is likely by design here, and by mistake on my instance. In the future I will remember to check a local instance before immediately writing in a bug thread.

Thanks for all you (and everyone else working on the project) is doing. We have an absolute blast with the platform