Error in loading topics

I was trying to upload a topic on discourse which had 5 megs of images. For some weird reasons it kept on uploading until I closed the browser. Since then none of the topics load for me. I can login. See all the topics but when I click on any topic it keeps loading and nothing happens. Here is the error logs which I see.

Error: Could not find module `discourse/mixins/string-buffer` imported from `discourse/plugins/discourse-links-category/discourse/components/featured-link`
    at o (
    at i (
    at r.state (
    at e (
    at requireModule (
    at h.customResolve (
    at h.resolveComponent (
    at h.resolve (
    at i.t [as resolver] (
    at o (

Are you running the latest version of Discourse? Do you have any plugins installed?

yeah I have the latest version. Got some plugins like cakeday and solved

Scratch that. I didn’t read the backtrace properly :sunglasses:

Can you try disabling the discourse-links-category plugin?


The first line of the plugin say that the error is in discourse-links-category plugin.

It probably got hit by an update. Please disable it and try again.

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okay. I am going to try it now

okay @Falco doing it now

thanks @Falco and @zogstrip . the issue is gone. Also does it mean that I cannot install the plugin? Is it incompatible now?


Yes. However, this plugin will soon be part of the core Discourse software, so just wait a bit I guess.


For anyone interested, here’s the announcement of that feature